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: 2xIntel QC 3 Ghz
: 16GB DDR3
: 1 Gbps
: 8355
: 78

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Server rules

    Extreme SWG Rules!

  • Speak English, don't try to bypass te adult language filter and don't use rude language.
  • The usage of scripts and/or any tools or addons to speak in colours is strictly prohibited.
  • Linking to images or other media which are rude, obscene, racist and/or inappropriate for children (12+) will not be tolerated.
  • Do not use any hacks, exploits and any other form of cheats.
  • Multi boxing is forbidden. You should not use any programs to control multiple characters at once. You are allowed to use 2 characters at once by switching to the other window each time you want to control it.
  • Don't try to stay online with some anti afk method.
  • Do not exploit bugs! If you encounter any bug, report it.
  • Do not advertise for other private servers, websites, products or services.
  • Do not spam players in any way.
  • Win Trading in arena is not allowed, you will get your rating reduced to 0 and all your arena gear removed if you do so.
  • If you find yourself doing something that appears to cause crashes, immediately stop doing this and report this to a GM.
  • Don't ask GMs for items, gold, levels or any other unfair boost.
  • Don't pretend to be a GM and don't use an account or character name similar to a GM.
  • Don't waste GM's time.

  • You agree with the following:
  • Your account and all your characters will be DELETED if you don't login the game for 3 months. This is done so the database won't grow too big and we can keep the best performance.
  • You will be nothing more than a tester on this server and everything you do is for educational purposes.